Civil War History on the iPOD

In addition to ACW history I love music. U2, the Saw Doctors, the Pogues and John Mellencamp are my favorites. Four years ago I picked up one of the first iPODs for Windows. I have to say it changed the way I listen to music. You may ask what does this have to do with my CW Blog. Well not long my my company begin pushing the capabilities of podcasts and how through the use of MP3 players like the iPOD people could find and listen the vast amounts of information on thousand of different subjects almost anywhere at anytime. Well because I had an iPOD I started to listen to some business related podcasts but this got boring real fast.

Before I gave up on podcasts however I wanted to see what else was out there. Much to my pleasant surprise while doing a search on Civil War related podcasts I came across Civil War Talk Radio. Hosted by Gerald Prokopowicz, a professor of History from East Carolina University, this podcast features weekly interviews with Civil War authors, historians and others. Some of the recent shows have included Richard Miller and Gary Gallagher. Through the magic of iTunes my iPOD gets updated with a new show every week. In addition to the current shows that are available as a podcast there is full archive of past interviews on a number of ACW related topics that you can listen to. Quickly moving up on my most listened to playlist on my iPOD is Civil War Talk Radio.


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