What about Petersburg?

Happy New Year to everyone!! Between Christmas and traveling up to Western Maine Mountains for New Years my by ability to post has been a little limited. Both Kevin Levin and Eric Wittenberg bring up the topic of lack historical studies on the Petersburg Campaign. Petersburg is one of the more neglected larger campaigns in the East. There is a lot of fertile ground with this Campaign. My personal interest in the history of the First Maine Heavy Artillery draws me to the actions around Petersburg and makes me want to know more. The First Maine has a monument at Petersburg within the National Battlefield marking the site of their disastrous charge on June 18, 1864. The charge on June 18th did not end the struggles for the First Maine and for the next 8 months this regiment continued to march, fight and die through the engagements of Jerusalem Plank Road, Deep Bottom I and II, Burgess Mill, the Weldon Raid, Hatcher Run and a number of other smaller actions. I think the experience of the Heavy Artillery from Spotsylvania on through Petersburg is another one of those areas that should be further explored. This looks like it will be one of the topics covered during the University of Virginia’s upcoming Cold Harbor to the Crater Civil War Conference.


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