Greetings from the Longhorn State!!!

As I mentioned in an earlier post I was going to make a trek over to the Texas Civil War Museum in Forth Worth when I came to Dallas on business. Well today was the day. Billed as the largest Civil War Museum west of the Missippissi I had to take time some tiem away form the to swing by and check it out. I found the static displays of artifacts tastefully done and well presented. Artifacts from both Union and Confederate soldiers and officers are showcased. I found the uniform displays to be the most eye catching including the full dress uniform for Benjamin Butler. There is also a good collection of flags from both sides. There were a few video screens showing artillery drills and the practice of medicine, but beyond that the displays well described but static. There is no attempt to place the war within a larger context of the issues of the period. I will admit that due to time I had to miss the 30 minute movie entitled “Our Home Our Rights – Texas in the Civil War” but the title seems to indicate how war is positioned as a conflict over state rights.

For those interested in seeing a large collection of Civil War artifacts from common soldiers then the museum is maybe worth the $6 admission. There is also a gift shop as well but I found the book selection to be a little lacking (no books on Hood’s Texas Brigade), but there were plenty of Confederate Battle Flag nick nacks.


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