Be Carefull What You Blog

A saw this article in the Boston Globe this morning and it seems to be making rounds on other blogging sites here and here. Basically a blogger who criticized the Maine Department of Tourism and their Ad Agency is being sued because he criticized their proposed advertising campaign. Shame on the State of Maine!!!

Here is the link to the Maine Web Report which is authored by Lance Dutson the man being sued over his blog's content.

I only bring this up here because I think it is shocking that expressing one’s opinion in the blogsphere is grounds for a lawsuit. If the Maine Department of Tourism can do this then what is to keep Pulitzer Prize winning authors from aiming their sights at the ACW Blogging community.


To my Fellow ACW Bloggers if you are so inclined please post this story. What the State of Maine is allowing to happen here is just plain wrong and goes against the rights we all enjoy as Americans.


Anonymous said…

I'm with you. That's one ridiculous lawsuit. I posted a small entry on this per your suggestion.

Brett S.
Andy said…
Brett & Eric, thanks for posting about this.


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