Greetings from Richmond, VA

I am attending the University of Virginia Civil War Conference this week. The focus of this conference is Cold Harbor to The Crater. The highlight will be the visits to the battlefields on Friday and Saturday, but the lectures have been very good as well. The battlefield visit on Saturday also includes a stop at the site of the charge of the First Maine Heavy Artillery on June 18, 1864.

I flew in early today and took a quick jaunt down to Petersburg. This trip paid off as I was finally able to find an account of the dedication of the First Maine Heavy Artillery Monument. For the record this monument was dedicated on Friday September 14, 1894. It was attended by about 150 people including local area Confederate veterans. I will plan on typing up the account and posting it here as well as ask Clarence to put it on his First Maine Heavy Artillery site.


Anonymous said…
Andy -

I'll be happy to put the write-up on the 1st Maine site. Also, while you are at the Monument check out the new bench that we all had placed there! Pictures would be good as well.

Hope you have a great time

Andy said…
Clarence, I will take some pictures and send. I will give more of a recap on the conference in a later post.


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