Vicksburg and Civil War Memory

I was just surfing the web this morning and came across a new book Vicksburg's Long Shadow: The Civil War Legacy Of Race And Remembrance by Christopher Waldrep. I went to Amazon and found it. There were no customer reviews but it looked interesting. If the abstract is any indication this book should contribute to the debate raging between the National Park Service and heritage groups over the portrayal of slavery in helping understand the Civil War within a broader historical context. I found the following quote thought provoking and valid, “In the Civil War we seek angelic qualities in our killers. In 1861 both north and south sent bigots and racists off to war under patriotic sentiment, men just as prejudiced as the societies they represented.” I have always been attracted to ACW books that deal with how the soldiers and society worked to remember the Civil War so this should be an interesting read.


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