Is the fame of Chamberlian on the decline?

Both Dimitri and Kevin in their blogs comment on a declining interest in the Civil War. From my own personal experience I have seen this as well. One of my favorite book stores is the 20th Maine in Freeport, Maine. At the height of the Civil War interest in the early to mid - nineties this store was open almost every day and had 3 full rooms of inventory. Being in Maine they were able to capitalize on the renewed interest in Joshua Chamberlain and by being in Freeport there was never a lack of shoppers. Well it is 2006 and the shoppers are still in Freeport, but the declining interest in the Civil War and I am sure the growth of Amazon (and others) has also eaten into the bottom line of the 20th Maine. The shop is now in one small room and has greatly reduced hours. I hope this store can hang on as it is the only reason I really like going to Freeport.


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