More Productive History Time

It is 11PM and I should be in bed but instead I have been playing around with my recently acquired copy of “The Complete Civil War DVD-ROM” published by Oliver Computing. I had a CD-ROM copy of the Official Records published by Guild Press of Indiana for a few years, but I wanted to upgrade to DVD-ROM from Oliver Computing because it gave me access not only to the ORs for the Army and Navy but also the Medical & Surgical History of the War of the Rebellion. In printed form the Medical Records are very hard to come by and like the printed ORs can be complicated to search, but with this DVD format searching is a breeze. What I really like is that now with my brand new laptop (which I just received today thanks to my company) I can search the DVD then cut and past what I need directly into my Citation Software. This should allow me to make good productive use of my time when I am traveling. By using sets of keywords I can then combine these Official records with my others sources and produce note cards that can easily be on hand as I work through the material.


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