A Top Ten List of Presidential Miscues

Happy President's Day.

The mishandling of the beginning and end of the Civil War mark the number one and number two presidential miscues. I would tend to agree with this list put together by presidential historians. I would put likely put Mr. Johnson’s missteps around reconstruction as number one. I am not sure Buchanan could have done much to curtail the coming of the Civil War but he could have tried. Andrew Johnson on the other hand let of the whole significance of the war slip away from an equality perspective. Yes slavery was ended but without firm government guidance one system of repression was replaced with another, the effects of which we are still feeling today.

Also on the list is Mr. Clinton’s Monicagate. Now I am not a fan of Mr. Clinton but to add this episode to the list is a little over the top. Yes he was the only elected president to be impeached but this episode in it self does not to me seem to belong on a top ten list of presidential errors. This does not mean to me Mr. Clinton should get off completely free. If I was making the list I would have put Mr. Clinton’s inaction during the Rwandan Genocide as a top ten mistake. When we had the ability to react sooner and possibly save lives we did nothing, and anywhere from 800,000 to 1 Million people were slaughtered in as little as 100 days. Mr. Clinton to his credit has expressed regret for not taking action.

My personal feeling is that we are in the midst of “top ten” presidential misstep with our current war and policy in the Middle East. I hope I am wrong but things do not seem to be getting better.


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