The Anti Mr. Turberville

A few recent posts by my fellow bloggers David Woodbury and Kevin Levin have criticized rightly so) Mr.Turberville and his simplistic (and incorrect) explanation on the causes of the American Civil War and how there were numbers of African Americans who willing fought for the Confederacy. In contrast to how Mr. Turberville would like to educate Americas school children on the real story of the Civil War, Terry Handy also a CW Reenactor and a history teacher, has organized an interactive, hands on Civil War encampment where 130 middle school students will spend the weekend experiencing a taste of what life during the Civil War was like. The news article in the Santa Marie Times gives a pretty good account of what this Civil War encampment will provide the students. Speakers such Harriett Tubman, Sojourner Truth and Abraham Lincoln will also be providing students with the perspectives on the larger issues surrounding the Civil War. A lot the encampment will also be focused on the life of Civil War soldiers and will also include the reenactment of a field hospital. I will take a little exception to his quote that kids will love seeing arms and legs sawed off, hopefully that part of the encampment will reinforce the message that war does have mortal consequences. I give Mr. Handy a lot of credit for embarking on this approach and for trying to make history come alive in an age of cell phones, PSPs and iPods and I hope his students have a rich and rewarding experience that will inspire a desire to learn more.


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